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2 hour seminar available for Monday, 20th November 2023 @10:00 and Tuesday, 21st November 2023 @14:00

Nursing Education & Computer Skills Development Platform Launching

The Ministry of Health requested an Informatics Course for Nurses and Midwifery to be part of the national university curriculum.  How can you deliver on this effectively?

This seminar is intended for nursing educators, associations and Midwifery.

Featured speakers:

A certificate of attendance will be provided.


The launch event for the
Nursing and Midwifery Informatics Skills Portals will help you


Learn key lessons from a pilot of an Electronic Medical Record educational platform with 88 nurses at a local university.


Experience an innovative approach to achieving this goal with a skills portal and electronic medical record system for effective skills development.


Understand how those leading efforts in skills development from Cambodia councils, associations, training providers, can work energetically together to better deliver continuous professional development.


Featured speakers and presenters

Jon Watts

CEO of Khalibre

Decades of experience delivering global IT projects for banks and non-profit organizations in London, New York, Singapore and Cambodia.

Mrs. Tun Sreypeov

RN, MSN, BA (English), BLS provider

Head of Nursing and Midwifery University of Puthisastra

Mr. Eam Mao

RN, MSN, Nursing Faculty Lecturer

Experienced Senior Nurse with a demonstrated history of working in the standard health facilities. Skilled in holistic care, health promotion and education, data analysis, NCDs, T2D, and nursing lecturer.

Fernando Romero

Khalibre Product Director

Experienced IT entrepreneur with a successful history in the internet and banking sector. 8 years of experience in a mobile business startup with over 2 million users.

Tricia Hester

RN, MSN Education, MSc Global Health

Health education technical advisor, researcher, lecturer, and educator. She is an expert registered nurse with extensive experience working in multiple healthcare settings globally including hospitals, war zones, conflict zones, relief medical clinics, and public and community health.


Hosted by Khalibre, an international social enterprise working in Cambodia since 2010.

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5th Floor, #431 Street 230, Sangkat Tok Lark 3,

Khan Tuol Kok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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