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23 January, 2024

Achieving Digital Change and Improved Patient Outcomes through Nursing Informatics and Continuous Professional Development

Phnom Penh, 23/01/2024 – Following the event on 20-21 November 2023, this event, held in Khalibre’s main office on 15 January 2024, was focused on bringing selected decision-makers and stakeholders in the Cambodian nursing and midwifery sector. The President of the Cambodian Association of Nurses and Cambodian Midwives Council, representatives from the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS) and FHI360, among others, participated in a very constructive discussion.

In his opening speech, Mr. Un San, Director of the Cambodian Council of Nurses, stressed the importance of digital transformation to improve the Cambodian nursing and midwifery workforce. Following this, nurse educator Eam Mao, RN, MSN, highlighted the challenges of using an Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform unsuited to the local context. Both speakers underscored the critical need for innovative, context-appropriate technological solutions to provide evidence-based education resources.

Answering the need, Khalibre, a seasoned IT service company with over 15 years of experience in Cambodia, showcased a groundbreaking, Cambodian-driven Skills Portal. This platform facilitates the delivery of Nursing Informatics training and supports ongoing professional development within the Nursing and Midwifery ecosystem.

The Khalibre platform provides some unique portal and training capabilities such as:

  • Security and User Experience – Utilizing the California-based’s Enterprise technology, known for its strong security and user-friendly interface, the platform is globally acclaimed and employed across various sectors, including finance, military, and government.
  • Common Platform with Individuality – The platform fosters evidence-based practice and knowledge sharing, offering a common base for training and collaboration. It uniquely allows organizations and communities to personalize their portals, maintaining distinct identities.
  • Comprehensive Education Approach – The platform supports educational institutes and emphasizes CPD. It requires training providers to maintain transparency in their operations, ensuring quality education both inside and outside traditional settings.
  • Private Social Network – Integrating the benefits of popular social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, the solution ensures controlled quality of information. It facilitates cooperation among inter-government agencies, creating a secure and collaborative digital environment.

The Khalibre Skills portal with EHR aims to help accelerate the growth of nursing skills for improved patient outcomes. And support every institution and organization to energetically work together, without sacrificing their independence.

During the group discussion facilitated by Ms. Tricia Hester, RN, MSN, the stakeholders saw that the Khalibre platform can help to transform the nursing and midwifery education sector. In many ways, the group was looking for Khalibre to drive forward an implementation.

We are witnessing a pivotal transformation within Cambodia’s healthcare landscape, where technological advancements empower each nurse to become a catalyst of change. Are you ready to join us and be at the forefront of Cambodia’s healthcare transformation?

About Khalibre

Khalibre, Co. Ltd., with over 15 years of operations in Cambodia, specializes in delivering global Human Capital Management, Electronic Health Records, and Infrastructure services. Our flagship product, the Khalibre Platform, is a secure portal that facilitates collaboration and community learning for organizations worldwide, spanning 60 countries.


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