Senior UX/UI Designer

Are you an experienced UX Designer who is able to design enterprise web solutions for a global audience?

Then you can be an agent of transformation in Cambodia and globally.


Khalibre is changing lives in Cambodia by providing professional skills development and real job opportunities. With 45 staff, mostly Khmer, there is plenty of opportunity to do this.

We are looking for a UX/UI Designer to add to our Liferay application team.

Are you an experienced UX Designer who is able to design enterprise web solutions for a global audience?

Then you can be an agent of transformation in Cambodia and globally.


Our application Crosswired equips people to collaborate with each other and engage their supporters and partners. This involves digital marketing, social networking and learning solutions.

Much work has been achieved, but we urgently need a strong and experienced UX/UI  leader.

We are looking for technology professionals to bring much needed expertise and help scale up the Cambodian team.

Key Duties:

Use your talents and skills, honed through years of hard work, to build an awesome experience for Crosswired users! This includes:

  • PRODUCT DESIGN: Demonstrates and articulates a strong understanding of user experience design, information architecture, multi-step and cross-platform flows. Consistently considers the holistic user experience, potential states (errors, successes, dead-ends) and product overlaps in their own and others’ work. Points out connections and potential collisions between different products, features and platforms.
  • VISUAL DESIGN: Demonstrates and articulates understanding of layout, typography and visual hierarchy. Uses the Design Principles and existing visual frameworks creatively to produce designs and, where appropriate, new styles and patterns that are visually cohesive with the rest of Khalibre’s products. Maintains and suggests evolutions of our Design Principles and existing style guides with a holistic consideration for their platform’s
  • PATTERNS: Balances existing visual and UX patterns with platform-specific patterns to ensure a consistent, intuitive experience. Identifies and flags instances where existing patterns break down in their own work, as well as work done by other designers on that platform. When diverging from established patterns, identifies, documents and socializes new patterns amongst the design team.
  • PRODUCT THINKING: Leads the vision for their product area alongside their product owner and engineering counterparts. Shapes their team’s roadmap and goals by providing input from a user’s perspective, and ensures they’re pursuing achievable, measurable and impactful goals. In their design work, regularly references product goals and can speak confidently about how their work relates to the broader product vision and company objectives.
  • TECHNICAL TOOLKIT: Employs a broad set of design tools to best solve and communicate user flows, interaction and motion, and knows which tool to use depending on scope and phase of the project. These tools include sketching, diagramming, interface design tools (Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator), HTML/CSS and Javascript for web, or platform SDKs (Xcode, Android Studio) and native prototyping tools (Framer, Principle) for Mobile. Additionally, seeks out new techniques and tools, tries them out and makes recommendations to the Design team.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Shares work early and often and encourages peers to seek out constructive feedback from their manager, stakeholders, teams and the Design team — in JIRA/Slack (at least once per week for active projects), presentations and Critiques — and actively filters and prioritizes this feedback on their own and with their team.
  • ARTICULATING DESIGN: Communicates with product owners and developers in their language, designing with consideration for their cares and concerns. Fosters a highly-collaborative design process and, as a result, is trusted by their team to talk through both scope and technical challenges and negotiate thoughtful outcomes. Participates in cross-discipline initiatives, bringing a design voice to the conversation and building trust between the design team and other disciplines.
  • PRESENTATION: Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills, whether in one-on-one or group situations. Communicates complex ideas, goals and problems in a way that is accessible even to those unfamiliar with the project. Leads and directs group design conversations, keeping them on-track and focused on delivering actionable next steps.
  • CRITIQUE: Provides regular, direct and impactful feedback in JIRA/Slack and Design Critiques, additionally engaging individual designers in adjacent product teams to help them grow their skills and design toolkit. Is generous with their time and knowledge. Looks out for and offers potential opportunities to other designers, as well as flags successes and concerns to design managers.
  • DATA: Begins every project by defining what qualitative and quantitative data will be important in their work. Partners with User Research and Data Science throughout the design and development process to run research studies and experiments, analyze the findings and validate potential product changes. Socializes their learnings with the rest of product development in a thoughtful, articulate way in order to enhance everyone’s understanding of our products and users.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Proactively takes steps to understand personal and professional development goals based on the Design Roles and manager feedback. Regularly checks in on those goals, request feedback from other designers, support and guidance, while simultaneously holding themselves accountable for what they’ve committed to accomplishing.
  • PROCESS: Demonstrates a deep understanding of our defined design process by showing good judgment and flexibility in applying that process to their work, moving fluidly between each stage as needed. Uses the design process to contextualize their work and the type of feedback they need in a given moment.
  • IMPACT: Decisions have an impact on work processes and outcomes. Erroneous decisions or failure to achieve results will add to costs, result in serious delays, and may impact the short-term goals of the organization. Recognized as a mentor by designers outside of their immediate area and is seen as a go-to person for opinions.
  • OWNERSHIP: Assumes a leadership role on the Design team. Is held accountable for design quality and cohesion across their own and adjacent product teams, and flags quality concerns to the responsible designers and design managers. Additionally, regularly evaluates existing design processes and tooling, and makes recommendations to design management when something can be improved.
  • CULTURAL STEWARDSHIP: Is a team player and collaborates with cross-functional peers. Participates in creating and fostering an inclusive design culture. Additionally, identifies and organizes opportunities for themselves and others on the Design team (such as internal knowledge sharing sessions, local meetups/events, writing blog posts, etc.) to spread design thinking and enthusiasm throughout Khalibre and the wider design community.
  • Experience in enterprise UX design a plus
  • Experience in digital marketing and social network solutions
  • Prior experience in content strategy, visual and interaction design and UX research.
  • Prior experience in building a UX team either locally or with remote workers.
  • Experienced in agile software development lifecycle
  • Big picture understanding with ability to deliver on detail.
  • Able to support the analysts, solution architects, and dev team leaders
  • 3-5 years of experience
  • Creative thinking and good problem-solving abilities
  • Competitive salary
  • Insurance package
  • Other benefits will be discussed during the job interview
  • International work environment – working together with Cambodians and Expatriate colleagues

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