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Khalibre is the provider of the Khalibre Platform, used by Crosswired and other collaboration and capacity building portals. We are a social enterprise, formed in 2010 in Singapore and Cambodia to deliver business technology solutions, capacity building and learning platforms for medium and large organizations globally. Currently we are the trusted provider for organizations with a presence in more than 60 countries around the world.

Advancing Nursing Informatics Training in Cambodia

Discover how Up Skill Cambodia is transforming nursing education with contextualized Nursing Informatics training!

Nursing Education & Computer Skills Development Platform Launching

The Ministry of Health requested an Informatics Course for Nurses and Midwifery to be part of the national university curriculum.  How can you deliver on this effectively?

Khalibre Platform

Establish and grow secure communication of purpose with capacity building features such as training, metrics and social advocacy.

Global Service

We deliver international standard services to organizations in more than 60 countries

Amazing Support

We are recognized for the excellent and pro-active support provided to our global customers

About us

Our Name

The meaning of our name helps to explain what is different about us. KH is the ISO code for Cambodia. The spin on Calibre is simple enough – high calibre people. The meaning of the word in middle English means to ‘shape’ or to ‘mold’. This is exactly what we want to do in Cambodia. Shape and mould professional IT and business people. And build community as we invest in the Khmer people.

Khalibre is pleased to be a Global OEM Channel partner for Liferay and the local Cambodia Liferay Partner.


We are a social enterprise formed in 2007 in Singapore and Cambodia. We have international clients and seek to deliver great technology solutions and services. We bring together international expertise and the best local talent. We invest heavily in good people, good process, learning frameworks and quality management to provide consistent, high quality IT solutions. Through our work in Cambodia we hope to build great community and create excellent job opportunities for many people.


Our values are our CODE

Community សហគមន៍

We believe that unity built on a healthy and empowering community is foundational for sustainable growth

Opportunity ឱកាស

We choose to actively seek and create opportunity for others in our service to them

Dignity សេចក្តីថ្លៃថ្នូរ

We choose to always see the humanity in people and demonstrate equal respect to one another

Excellence ភាពល្អប្រសើរ

We aspire to do all things with a spirit of excellence and stand as a people of high calibre

Our Team

Jon Watts


Decades of experience delivering global IT projects for banks and non-profit organizations in London, New York, Singapore and Cambodia.


Fernando Romero

Director of Product

Experienced IT entrepreneur with a successful history in the internet and banking sector. 8 years of experience in a mobile business startup with over 2 million users.

Songly Em

Director of Finance and Admin

A decades experience managing finance and HR with previous experience in micro-finance.

Pedro Souza


Customer Onboarding Professional experienced in software implementation projects. Has conducted 100+ projects for multiple clients, from industries to banks and universities.



A decade’s experience delivering business solutions such as talent management and Medical projects for international organizations with enterprise closed and opensource platforms.

Chris Pak

Director of UX

Seasoned UX Professional focusing on Global and Enterprise Platforms | ex-Agoda, Singtel, Microsoft


Join Khalibre’s team as we deliver great services together.

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